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g(G)ift  (2022)

— Dedicating, paying tribute and commemorating is approaches that I value very much.
— We have to be more careful with gifts. We need to be able to give, receive and use gifts.
— The Lord gives us many things, the trouble is that we usually do not use them properly.
— Here in Germany, where I started this series, the word "Gift" means something radically different than in English.
Every gift can be turned into poison.

︎︎︎ dedicated to Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Himey

︎︎︎ dedicated to Diana Derii

︎︎︎ dedicated to Anna Zvyagintseva

︎︎︎ dedicated to Clemens Pool

︎︎︎ dedicated to Oleksii Podat

︎︎︎ dedicated to Ivan Skoryna

︎︎︎ dedicated to Maria Lanko

︎︎︎ dedicated to Roman Mykhailov