photograpgy, video, odject, sound
Odesa, Ukraine
In the summer 2018, I was invited to Odessa in order to participate at the first exhibition in the newly created artist-run-space NOCH. The initiators were artist Aleksandra Kadzevich ︎ and writer and psychotherapist Garry Krayevets ︎.

Photos by author.

It took me about eight hours to get from Kyiv to Odessa. Having fallen asleep for half an hour on the train, I had a dream. In the end, the plot of this dream became the keynote of the exhibition.

The plot of the dream is connected with a short walk through the center of an unknown city. I went to church, where I saw my father and a few people wearing black robes. I walked around the building and looked at the wooden and metal scaffolding, which surprisingly did not bother me. There were a few elderly women sitting on a bench in the backyard, talking, but I couldn’t hear them. One of them ripped off her skirt and exposed a thick, varicose leg. I got disgusted and I went on.

Going around, I returned to the main entrance and met my godfather. He looked towards the dome. I gazed at the dome, which glistened dazzlingly in the sunshine. Suddenly, my phone fell out of my hand, hit the pavement and cracked. I started swearing involuntarily and everyone present stared at me. Father, godfather, people in robes, everyone. My father quickly came down the steps to meet me. I started to cross myself and woke up before he approached.

The exposition includes hand-painted photos with the dream scenery, which I searched for and recorded in Odessa for several days, a video in which I tell the story of the dream, an audio recording with the sound of the phone falling and me cursing loudly, which is heard repeatedly several times an hour, and my glasses, that never protected me from the bright light in the dream.