single-channel video,
HD, color, stereo, 6’20’’

sound by Ivan Skoryna

Shiver  (2022)

This video consists of four separate parts. The creation process lasted about two and a half months, including cooperation with a sound producer. It was important for me to work only with found footage, this was obviously related to the experience of war, “speechlessness”, and disproportionality of the event and approach. Most of the time was spent on searching for the necessary video materials that would match the images I imagined.

—There is no place to hide or where to flee from Lord.
—Lust, pride, and unforgiveness thrive in me and bear fruit.
—I'm fulfilled by anger and it make me feel sick all over.
—When I start vibing, I know that He with me and I'm always catch a hard shiver.

Sponsored by Emergency aid scholarship for cultural workers from Ukraine provided by Goethe Institut Ukraine.