single-channel video, HD, color, stereo, 5’16’’

The gift, the answer, the forgiveness, and the miracle  (2021)

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This work is the first purposefully produced video that is a work of its own. It includes both personally shot by me and found footage. It consists of five scenes, which in different ways penetrate into each other, playing out the drama of constant tension and its removal.

— To speak in the most direct manner means to speak to the Lord.
— No equality, no justice. This means humility and mercy.
— Be vigilant, for there is no death.
— The Lord neglects my lack of faith.
— Regarding the first point, there is a necessity to speak so and in no other way.

Kateryna Berlova directly participated in the production of this work.

This work is the result of the Anabasis Online Residency organized by the NGO Ukrainian-German Cultural Society of Chernivtsi at the Centre Gedankendach in partnership with Institute for German Culture and History of Southeastern Europe at LMU Munich (IKGS) and supported by the European Union under the House of Europe programme.