Mariupol, Ukraine

Photo by Eugen Korshunov
The action took place in the evening of November 12, 2018 in the city of Mariupol on Gretska Street.

I was fastened with tape to a power line support and left in such a helpless state until some 45 minutes later a random passer-by released me.
Among various other things, this action epitomized some certain premonitions associated with:
— intensifying religious discrimination,
— rise of radical nationalist moods in the context of external threats,
— lack of effective legal institutions, 
— restoration of using the pillory as an instrument of vigilante justice.
An important detail for understanding the context of the work is the development of the situation around the active discussion about establishing a new autocephalous church in Ukraine.

There are several important details disclosing the context even further:
— at the time, there was an active phase of preparations for establishing a new autocephalous church in Ukraine,
— Mariupol is one of the largest Ukrainian cities situated closely to the demarcation line with the so-called young republics,
— escalation of religious tensions in the Orthodox world (revocation of full communion between Constantinople and Moscow).