video, objects, graphics
Fundacja AIR

Klementowice, Poland
Photos by author.
During my sojourn in the small town of Klementowice (Poland) I reflected upon a biblical story that had been fascinating me for a long time.

Almost every day, I reread the story of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham. He deceived his father and brother and was forced to flee to foreign lands. While he was travelling through the desert and constantly sleeping under the open sky, one night he had a dream. He saw a ladder stretching from earth to heaven, and the very Throne of God was towering above. God gave him a promise and blessed his family.
The exhibition was focused on reflections on betrayal in family relations, responsibility for deception, and the paradox of punishment and reward. On the other hand, I was interested in:
— potential possibility of an area to acquire a sacred status,
— the structure of the statements made by biblical characters,
— migration as a way to solve the problem of endogamy (marriage between relatives).

The exposition consisted of the famous scene depicting the Jacob’s ladder (a small collage made of adhesive tape), several quotations in Church Slavonic from the chapter on Jacob's journey (charcoal inscriptions on cloth), a stone drenched in hand-made oil, and a video played back on a tablet.