Untitled (collective listening)  (2020-ongoing)

photo by Tetiana Pavliuk
︎︎︎ A group of artists and researchers, participants of the Upper Layers of Earth conference︎, was invited to the territory of the The Holy Cross Exaltation Monastery︎ in Poltava to listen to the bell’s toll.

—You all were there and I was there with you.
—This isn't the sort of thing you can watch for and see coming.
—Inscription on the heart in golden letters and sounds.

photo by Oleksandra Soloviova
︎︎︎ Situational reenactment of a collective listening during a meeting of residents at the Khata Maysternya in the village of Babyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine.

On Sunday morning, a group of artists and curators gathered to discuss the results of the residency. During the discussion, the bells of the local church began to ring.